PTC - Paid To Click | Neobux - Paying PTC Site

What is PTC ?
PTC simply means 'Paid to click', you don't need to have any knowledge related to html, php etc for PTC..
All you have to do is sign up at PTC Sites and Click the ads available there..

PTC is quite famous because its very easy and a person who is beginner at earning money online can easily get started and earn without loosing much time or money....
But there is also a major/common problem in PTC industry and i.e 'Scammers' and you can find them in excess so please before investing in a PTC Site, investigate first, check out their payment proofs etc (they can also be fake sometime), search google to find whether the site is paying or its a ponzi scam..

Paying PTC Site:
And as far as I know, there is only one PTC Site, which is paying since 1 year and it even pays instantly...And btw that one PTC site is Neobux..

Learn How to use Neobux - Check out this video



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