Earn money fast for surfing / viewing the websites - Earn money with Autosurf Easyhits4u - Get traffic from easyhits4u

Earn money fast for surfing / viewing the websites - Earn money with Autosurf Easyhits4u
Traffic Exchange with 160,000+ members
Now the question comes that What is Easyhits4u ??
Answer: Easyhits4u is an autosurf/traffic exchange website, You can use this website to get traffic or earn money..
Traffic: You can get traffic by surfing the pages and when you surf 2 pages, then you get 1 hit to your site, i.e 2:1..

Now comes the earning part

There is an additional bonus given by Easyhits4u and i.e when you surf 1000 pages, you get 0.30 in your account..Isn't that great?
So there is actually no limit, it depends upon you that how many pages you surf in a day, in a week, in a month or even in a year...
And if you think that this is not enough for you so get some referrals and if each of them surf 100 sites, you get $0.10

FAQ: A commonly asked question related to this is.
In order to earn the $0.30, do I have to surf 1000 sites within 1 day?

There is no time limit for surfing, e.g. you can surf 1000 sites within one week or even one month and still receive your cash bonus for surfing.

Click the banner below to sign up

Traffic Exchange with 160,000+ members
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Make Money Blogging | Blog Make Money

Make Money Blogging | Blog Make Money
Blogger logo, Blogspot logo, Wordpress, Typepad
In today's world, Most people aren't good at web designing, Php, html etc (M talking about my self also :) )..So for such kind of people, there is one and only solution and that is blogging..
Creating a blog is as easy as abc (even simpler then that)..You can use different platforms to create a blog, e.g Blogspot, Wordpress or Typepad..
The most easy one is Blogger and the most seo friendly is Wordpress. So its up to you..
Now Here comes the Earning money from blog Part..

You can use different affiliates to earn money from your blog, e.g Adsense, Clicksor, Infolinks, Adbrite or Bidvertiser

Now the Question comes that "What kind of programs they are?"
I am sure that you have often seen the websites, having a text like " Ads by google " ..So when some one clicks that ad, the owner of the website gets money..
Isn't that simple??
Answer: It looks simple but it isn't..I don't want to discourage you but things look simple and in actual they aren't simple...
For the blogging, the first thing you need is Patience..If you don't have patience so please do some labor work etc to earn money...
A baby need some time to grow, to talk, to walk, to eat, to dress up by him/her self and the concept of blog is also same as a baby..You have to post regularly with some unique articles [Unique in the sense: Not copied]...
And even that is not enough..
You also need traffic for your blog, you have to make it SEO friendly..
Google it for more information..

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Earn Money with/from eBay | Use eBay as a platform to earn money online | Buy/Sell products to earn money online

This post is about how to earn money online from eBay

Before starting, I would like you to know first that what is eBay.
eBay is an auction site, where you can buy/sell products online (they can be new or second hand)..
That was the introduction, now you are going to discover that how can a person earn money from eBay..
One thing you have to keep in mind is that this isn't invest free business...So investment is must but not that much..

First go to eBay.com
Create a seller account

Now Read this very carefully

I bought HTC Shift from eBay with Screen protecter, leather pouch and Head phones for $700 and after purchasing it, I sold it for $730...
Your Profit: $30

Don't get upset because of such small profit but if you do this business regularly and buy/sell more products so its obvious that your profit will increase with the short span of time...
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Sell your Articles/Content | Get Paid to write Articles | Don't waste your precious language skills

There are lots and lots of opportunities for a beginner at earning money online, there are different things for different people..Those who can't do hard work just click ads to earn money but there are also those people who sell their English, I mean their articles/content..So why don't you ?
At Internet you can earn maximum, Seriously I am not joking..If you think your English is good, your grammar is good so this opportunity is definitely for you..

To begin with it, all you have to do first is write articles, they can be on any topic e.g Health, Sex, Business, Forex, Stock, Politics, Travelogues, Guides etc..
Then sign up here, its a forum, named as "Digital point forums" now in this forum you will find a section known as Buy Sell or Trade, and in there you will find a sub forum, named as "Content"...
Create a thread and give the details about your articles and give away a free sample so that people believe you and your articles/English/Grammar etc..

That's it..There is nothing more to explain but if you don't find any seller in these forums so don't give up, try any other forum and create threads there also..
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PTC - Paid To Click | Neobux - Paying PTC Site

What is PTC ?
PTC simply means 'Paid to click', you don't need to have any knowledge related to html, php etc for PTC..
All you have to do is sign up at PTC Sites and Click the ads available there..

PTC is quite famous because its very easy and a person who is beginner at earning money online can easily get started and earn without loosing much time or money....
But there is also a major/common problem in PTC industry and i.e 'Scammers' and you can find them in excess so please before investing in a PTC Site, investigate first, check out their payment proofs etc (they can also be fake sometime), search google to find whether the site is paying or its a ponzi scam..

Paying PTC Site:
And as far as I know, there is only one PTC Site, which is paying since 1 year and it even pays instantly...And btw that one PTC site is Neobux..

Learn How to use Neobux - Check out this video

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Paypal Alternative for Iran/Pakistan | Earning money online for the Thirld World Countries?

Ok the reason to write the title "Earning money online for the third world countries" is because the major/most used payment processor at internet is Paypal....But the problem begins now, Paypal is not available in many third world countries so they are actually loosing opportunities to earn money online and they are left behind in IT..

But there are some alternatives to Paypal, so you don't have to worry now because this will remove your worries - Say Hakuna Matata :)

List of Paypal Alternative is given below:
Paypal Alternative for Iran/Pakistan

2: Liberty Reserve
3: Moneybookers

There are many more but they are the most commonly used.. Read more!

Earn Money Online

This concept is quite clear+very popular now a days..

No one is interested in going to office and just waste his precious time of sleep or burning his petrol to cover the distance from home>office..
There are tons/lots/billions etc ways to earn money online as m using the word 'online' so it means internet is involved in it..

Some examples of earning money online are
1: PTC - Paid to click e.g Neobux

2: PTP - Paid to post
3: PTCO - Paid to complete offers e.g JillsClickCorner
4: PTU - Paid to upload files etc
5: You can also make money from a blog by using any affiliate e.g google adsense, adbrite, infolinks or bidvertiser etc - there are tons of other affiliates like them..

There are even more ways but I would like to share only those ways which are common and easy....If you want to go in depth so email me at mgn467@gmail.com..
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How to become a rich person | Shortcut To Become a Millionaire/Billionaire

MONEY MONEY MONEY ??? Why do you need money?
Silly question, right :$?

Ok this post is about becoming a millionaire/billionaire in less time with some shortcuts :)
One Billion Dollars

Some ways are given below and I hope that if you follow them, then you will succeed for sure :)

1: Start investing money in your teen age or even before that..
It takes time for a tree to grow so if you start putting the seeds in your young age then in future, you will be having 20-30 trees of yours :)..But I guess the one who is reading this, is quite mature and is already out of teen age but you can teach your children in future and hook them up towards earning money...

2: This one is quite risky, actually very risky..But if God has decided to make you rich then no one can stop you..
Go to a casino and spend your all money, chances are 50% - 50%...But as I said, if you think that you are lucky enough to win a poker game then just go and hit the table :p

3: Go to google, type "Millionaires/Billionaires in your (city)" then do one thing, try to impress the daughter of any rich man and marry with her :)..

4: Bank robbery: This one is illegal and has high chances of being arrested so get a perfect plan and then make it real...
And btw even if you get arrested then also you can become a rich person..How ? Because your living/food costs will be provided by the jailers/government so obviously you are saving your money and one more thing you can do is write a book explaining the "affects/problems of robbery and tips to overcome it" and ask the jailer to publish it :)..
M sure You will receive a high response and you will become a rich person in no time :D..

5: This idea is different from other ideas+ this is also serious..
Human brain is full of creativity, all you have to do is discover the ideas and make them real..
e.g facebook? Owner of facebook - Mark - Earned $1 billion dollar from facebook in just a single year and in addition the market value of his site is $15 billion dollar..
Its just about ideas :)

If you have any other idea of becoming rich so please email me at mgn467@gmail.com...I will publish it here for sure :)
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