Earn Money Online

This concept is quite clear+very popular now a days..

No one is interested in going to office and just waste his precious time of sleep or burning his petrol to cover the distance from home>office..
There are tons/lots/billions etc ways to earn money online as m using the word 'online' so it means internet is involved in it..

Some examples of earning money online are
1: PTC - Paid to click e.g Neobux

2: PTP - Paid to post
3: PTCO - Paid to complete offers e.g JillsClickCorner
4: PTU - Paid to upload files etc
5: You can also make money from a blog by using any affiliate e.g google adsense, adbrite, infolinks or bidvertiser etc - there are tons of other affiliates like them..

There are even more ways but I would like to share only those ways which are common and easy....If you want to go in depth so email me at mgn467@gmail.com..


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