Make Money Blogging | Blog Make Money

Make Money Blogging | Blog Make Money
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In today's world, Most people aren't good at web designing, Php, html etc (M talking about my self also :) )..So for such kind of people, there is one and only solution and that is blogging..
Creating a blog is as easy as abc (even simpler then that)..You can use different platforms to create a blog, e.g Blogspot, Wordpress or Typepad..
The most easy one is Blogger and the most seo friendly is Wordpress. So its up to you..
Now Here comes the Earning money from blog Part..

You can use different affiliates to earn money from your blog, e.g Adsense, Clicksor, Infolinks, Adbrite or Bidvertiser

Now the Question comes that "What kind of programs they are?"
I am sure that you have often seen the websites, having a text like " Ads by google " ..So when some one clicks that ad, the owner of the website gets money..
Isn't that simple??
Answer: It looks simple but it isn't..I don't want to discourage you but things look simple and in actual they aren't simple...
For the blogging, the first thing you need is Patience..If you don't have patience so please do some labor work etc to earn money...
A baby need some time to grow, to talk, to walk, to eat, to dress up by him/her self and the concept of blog is also same as a baby..You have to post regularly with some unique articles [Unique in the sense: Not copied]...
And even that is not enough..
You also need traffic for your blog, you have to make it SEO friendly..
Google it for more information..


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