Paypal Alternative for Iran/Pakistan | Earning money online for the Thirld World Countries?

Ok the reason to write the title "Earning money online for the third world countries" is because the major/most used payment processor at internet is Paypal....But the problem begins now, Paypal is not available in many third world countries so they are actually loosing opportunities to earn money online and they are left behind in IT..

But there are some alternatives to Paypal, so you don't have to worry now because this will remove your worries - Say Hakuna Matata :)

List of Paypal Alternative is given below:
Paypal Alternative for Iran/Pakistan

2: Liberty Reserve
3: Moneybookers

There are many more but they are the most commonly used..


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  2. ok, do you have any proof that it will be legal ? And Can you please explain briefly that what will you actually do to create a verified paypal account? And are we going to be able to withdraw that money into our bank accounts?