How to become a rich person | Shortcut To Become a Millionaire/Billionaire

MONEY MONEY MONEY ??? Why do you need money?
Silly question, right :$?

Ok this post is about becoming a millionaire/billionaire in less time with some shortcuts :)
One Billion Dollars

Some ways are given below and I hope that if you follow them, then you will succeed for sure :)

1: Start investing money in your teen age or even before that..
It takes time for a tree to grow so if you start putting the seeds in your young age then in future, you will be having 20-30 trees of yours :)..But I guess the one who is reading this, is quite mature and is already out of teen age but you can teach your children in future and hook them up towards earning money...

2: This one is quite risky, actually very risky..But if God has decided to make you rich then no one can stop you..
Go to a casino and spend your all money, chances are 50% - 50%...But as I said, if you think that you are lucky enough to win a poker game then just go and hit the table :p

3: Go to google, type "Millionaires/Billionaires in your (city)" then do one thing, try to impress the daughter of any rich man and marry with her :)..

4: Bank robbery: This one is illegal and has high chances of being arrested so get a perfect plan and then make it real...
And btw even if you get arrested then also you can become a rich person..How ? Because your living/food costs will be provided by the jailers/government so obviously you are saving your money and one more thing you can do is write a book explaining the "affects/problems of robbery and tips to overcome it" and ask the jailer to publish it :)..
M sure You will receive a high response and you will become a rich person in no time :D..

5: This idea is different from other ideas+ this is also serious..
Human brain is full of creativity, all you have to do is discover the ideas and make them real..
e.g facebook? Owner of facebook - Mark - Earned $1 billion dollar from facebook in just a single year and in addition the market value of his site is $15 billion dollar..
Its just about ideas :)

If you have any other idea of becoming rich so please email me at mgn467@gmail.com...I will publish it here for sure :)


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